Safety & Hygiene
While children are lower risk, extra procedures will help ensure safety for both the artist and the customer as well as all the children in attendance. The new procedures in place will include personal protective wear, symptom checking, extra sanitation to brushes, brush water and sponges as well as limiting the number of children we can paint in one hour. These procedures are described below and are also available to download: Covid Procedures
Artists will wear a mask and visor; artist will not touch the child’s head or face with bare hands. If a child is extra wiggly and a steadying hand is needed, an artist will wear gloves.
We have always used one sponge per child and will continue to do so, if the child is vulnerable or at-risk, please inform the artist and a new sponge will be used. All sponges will be cleaned with hot soapy water between each event and rinsed with boiling water.
Each child will have their temperature taken before entering the artist area, using a no contact thermometer.
Brush water will be dumped after each child, the container will be wiped using isopropyl alcohol and fresh water will be poured into the pot.
Children must enter the artist area using the one- way system, adhering to social distancing guidelines.
Hands should be washed before getting face painting and hand sanitizer will be available at the artists station for both artists and children to use.
Brushes will be cleaned between each child in soapy water, rinsed in cold water twice, sprayed with isopropyl alcohol and left to dry. Brushes will also be rinsed with boiling water between each event.
Chair to be wiped down after each child exists the artist area.
Why can you now only paint 6 children in 1 hour?
The procedure for every child is:
  • Temperature will be taken before the child enters the artist area
  • Allow parents to safely seat the child
  • Check the child has not got any symptoms of Covid, any other illness, rash, fever or allergies
  • Ask the child what design they want
  • Paint the chosen design
  • Show the child the design in the mirror
After each child we will
  • Wash and sanitize used brushes
  • Dump dirty water, clean and add fresh
  • Dispose of dirty sponges
  • Throw away gloves if used, and apply hand sanitizing gel.
This set of procedures will take approximately 10 min per child